Visio 2013: Neue Case Studies veröffentlicht

Erste Case-Studies zu Visio 2013 sind erstellt worden. Die Case-Studies liegen allerdings nur in Englischer Sprache vor und sind auf dem Microsoft Case-Studie Portal zu finden.


Malik Management


Organizational Transformation Experts Use Diagramming Tool to Deliver Insights

Referred to as the McKinsey of Western Europe and studied extensively in B-Schools, based in St. Gallen (Switzerland), Malik Management provides holistic general management, leadership, and governance solutions for organizations worldwide. Using Visio 2013, Malik was able to create a custom software solution that consumers and manages data associated with critical corporate restructuring projects more effectively. By leveraging Visio 2013’s collaboration features, Malik now works more efficiently with its customers. Also, the professional themes and effects in Visio 2013 help Malik deliver a robust yet visually appealing solution to its customers.

“With Visio Professional 2013, we can supply customers with the best illustrative navigation tool for complex restructuring projects,”

Dr. Oeller, Head of R&D, Malik Management



Software Firm Uses Process Diagrams to Speed Deployment by 50 Percent

Based in Benguluru (India), GIEOM helps banking customers in more than 30 countries with various critical initiatives such as compliance, process excellence and change management etc. GIEOM uses Visio 2013 as a core part of their flagship offering for effective process visualization and establishment of critical data and document linkages for process governance. With Visio 2013 and Office 365 they are able to collaborate effectively with their customers, scale their business operations in a seamless fashion and are able to achieve strong competitive advantage.


“Using Visio Professional 2013 coauthoring capabilities, we can develop and deploy business process diagrams that meet our customers’ needs in half the time that it took with other tools in the market.”

John Santhosh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, GIEOM


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Veröffentlicht in Visio 2013

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