Henkel: 40.000 Nutzer auf Office 365 ProPlus in 5 Monaten migriert


“Here at Henkel, we’ve been very busy modernizing our IT infrastructure. After upgrading our computers to get everyone on Windows 7, we decided to adopt Microsoft Office 365 for all of our productivity needs. Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity solution that includes Exchange Online, Lync Online, SharePoint Online, and the Office 365 ProPlus client. We had been using Lotus Notes and Office 2003 and felt we were not achieving the full potential of the organization. We wanted to break down siloes, and in the past we depended on email for the majority of communications”

Markus Petrak, corporate director of Integrated Business Solutions, New Technologies / Office 365 for Henkel AG & Company

Henkel: 40.000 Nutzer auf Office 365 ProPlus in 5 Monaten migriert

Office 365: Henkel setzt auf globale Teamarbeit

Episode 1: The Connected Enterprise

Episode 2: Adoption Excellence

Episode 3: Profile

Episode 4: Insights


Avanade über das Office 365 Project bei Henkel

Veröffentlicht in Office 365

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